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Worn Out Pages:
An Invitation Back
to The Bible

A Multi-Media Exploration
of the Books of The Bible
Available Now!
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Meet Jeremy Hall, a dynamic author with a passion for enriching lives through the written word. With a diverse writing portfolio, he has contributed captivating articles to popular publications, thought-provoking pieces for academic spaces, and a collection of insightful short books on Church leadership.

His first full-length book, "Worn Out Pages: An Invitation Back to the Bible," takes readers on a journey through the whole of Scripture. Based on a series of viral monologues that gained popularity on TikTok, this transformative work extends a heartfelt invitation to rediscover the power and relevance of the Bible in our lives.


Jeremy Hall invites readers to explore the timeless wisdom found within the pages of the Bible. Join him on this literary adventure, where ancient texts come alive to inspire and renew.

My Books

Finding Our Way Home to Each Other

Anxiety, Courage, 

& Transformation

My Prayer Journey

Contributed a Chapter

True Colors: Chapter 6

My Books
Events   and    Appearances 

Jeremy Hall speaks at Churches around the U.S.A., Conferences domestic and international, as a guest presenter in classes of various levels, at leadership trainings, and various other events. 

Jeremy loves to speak on... 

  • THE BIBLE - What it is, How it works, and Why it matters. 

  • Values Based Leadership & Organizational Health

  • Social Issues from a Christian Ethics perspective  

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a selections of

sermons and talks


Jeremy is available to be a featured guest on your podcast.... 

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